summertime bliss retreat

with justine lemos PhD
administrative faculty at
western yoga college

Join our socially distanced camping retreat in beautiful northern California.

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    Ananda means Bliss. The bliss of union-- of yoga. Ananda, or bliss, is the aim of traditional pathways of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.

    Where will it be held?
    Our summertime Bliss Retreat will be held at a private campground on a small lake in California in the Northern part of Mendocino County. It is about a 3-4 hour drive from San Francisco.

    What will I need to bring?
    You will need to bring your own camping equipment. Tent. Sleeping Gear. There are places for car camping, vans or similar as well as traditional tents. A yoga mat and meditation cushion will be useful. We may ask participants to bring their own dishes and utensils.

    What will the climate be like?
    Likely it will be between 80-95 degrees during the daytime. It will cool off at night. The climate is dry so hydration is a must. There is a private lake for swimming and plenty of shade.

    Can I bring my… pet, spouse, child?
    Sure. Provided they are polite. Some of the teachings may include material not suitable for children.

    What meals are included?
    We will provide dinner on July 11
    Three meals and snacks July 12-14
    Brunch or breakfast on July 15
    The retreat will be professionally catered. Meals will be Ayurvedic & vegetarian. We ask that all alcohol is left at home. We will not serve coffee or tea, retreat participants can self-caffeinate needed/ desired.

    What are the amenities at the campground?
    Potable water available
    Kitchen available
    Multiple porta potties within the immediate vicinity - including an ADA porta potty
    Showers available
    Picnic table available
    No wifi

    What Covid Safety precautions will be in place?
    The entire retreat will be outdoors and socially distanced.
    If coming into close contact masks will be required for everyone's safety and comfort.
    The camping facility has a commercial kitchen and industrial dishwashers. All proper sanitation and precautions will be taken with meals and food.

    What is the cost?
    What is the cost?
    The cost of the 4 night 6 day retreat is $1000/person including meals, teachings and camping. at One Yoga students & KAP students are welcome to use the coupon codes below. There is also an early bird discount for registering prior to April 1.
    Payment plans are available. Inclusivity scholarships available contact justine @ justinelemos . com (take out spaces)

    CULTIVATE $200 off at One Yoga Members or KAP Students use before April 1

    EARLY $100 non KAP/ at One Yoga students use before April 1

    About Justine

    Hi I’m Justine Lemos, PhD. I’m here to guide you into manifesting your most Radiant Self; nutrition, self-care, relationships, beauty, intuition and bliss. The toolkit for that transformation includes understanding your Ayurvedic blueprint (mind-body type), Vedic Astrology, meditation, mantra, mudra, yoga & more. I love to harness ancient wisdom-systems to make them applicable to our modern lives; igniting the special magic of a soul aligned with its true purpose.

    Sample Schedule

    Sample Daily Schedule
    Sunrise Puja Ritual
    7-9am Morning Sadhana Practice
    9am Breakfast
    10-1pm Meditation & Alchemical Qi Gong
    1-3pm Lunch & break for Swimming and Relaxing
    3-6pm Evening practice
    7pm Dinner
    9pm Evening Ritual and Meditation